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Calle Escuadra, 13, 3b
28012 Madrid, Spain
+34 — 697 587 449

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Samtgasse 6
4240 Freistadt, Austria
+43 — 680 234 8 134
Tata&Friends is a Design Muscle for positive brands. A collaborative design studio driven by curiosity, observation, thinking, testing, failing... improving.

We are︎: Jaime Fernández & Monika Mayr and with a little help from our friends we team up to design any kind of challenges. We care for brands that dare to make things differently.

We are always looking to meet people with passion. Architects, crafters, baristas, developers, astrophysicists, writers, photographers, illustrators, teachers, botanists, ... tell us what you love and let's collaborate.

If you want to be our friend, or you are looking for an internship feel free to fill this form:

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Since 2013 we have had
the pleasure of working for:

Acano Norway
Autorquía Spain
Ayuntamiento de Madrid Spain
Btob Spain
Buenavista Lanzarote Spain
CDAN Spain
Designit Spain
El País Spain
Everis Spain
Feinstens Austria
Fundación Telefónica Spain
Garlic Films Spain
La Milagrosa Colombia
Lanik Austria
Latino Bar Austria
Lola MullenLowe Spain
Medialab Prado Spain
Meliá Hotels Spain
Mr.Marcel School Spain
Museo San Telmo Spain
Nixon USA
Picsa Spain
Velour Norway
World Bank USA
We can help you
if you need:

01. Brand Identity
02. Naming
03. Strategic Design
04. Art Direction
05. Design Consultancy
06. Print Design
07. Editorial Design
08. Icons & Signage
09. UX & Web
10. Exhibition Design

Our work rules are simple: 

01. Enjoy what you do.
02. Make mistakes, rectify.
03. Be honest.
04. Be brave.
05. Be curious.
06. Share knowledge.

Books & Printed media:

2018. Novum. DE
2017. ICON mag. UK
2017. Los Logos 8. Gestalten
2016. 101 Business Cards.
2014. Graphic Digits. Victionary
2014. UC. Quarterly Q2
2013. Full of Characters. Promopress
2013.  Website Design 3. Zeixs
2013.  Yorokobu Magazine
2012.  The Best of Poster Design. Zeixs

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