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Let’s play a little game. Guess the name of the Rock Band. 


1.–Led Zeppelin 2.–Smashing Pumpkins 3.–The Who 4.–Blind Melon 5.–Guns n´Roses 6.–Red Hot Chilli Peppers 7.–Iron and Wine 8.–Silver Chair 9.–Sex Pistols 10.Television 11.–The knife 12.–Pantera 13.–Tool 14.–The Flaming Lips 15.–Alice in Chains 16.–The Doors 17.–Green Day 18.–The Rolling Stones 19.–Stone Roses 20.–Soda Stereo 21.–Radiohead 22.–Stone Temple Pilots 23.–Queen  24.–Pearl Jam

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